retainer services

Stability.  Communicative. Predictability.  Not words you are using to describe your accountant?  Well, these are the words we like to use to describe ourselves.  With our 30+ years of small business accounting and personal tax experience, we have learned that small business owners do not like surprises, specifically bad ones.  So, we created our annual retainer.  A simple low-cost fee that our small business clients pay in order to get an unlimited source of information and knowledge.

Our retainer accomplishes two things:  One, we simplify the billing process by way of not billing for every phone call, letter, email, fax, etc, allowing our clients to pick up the phone or email with any and all accounting or tax related questions.  Two, it opens the lines of communication, allowing us to solve problems before they become, well, problems.  Quick tax question?  Call!  Fast QuickBooks issue? E-mail it!  Upcoming tax legislation?  Let’s talk about it.

regarding our retainer services, please contact us at 503-598-1011 or